Video Of The Week: Check Out His Moves

I hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine on this lovely Friday! This video captures the mood in the office today. Cheers to the weekend!


Video of the Week: Don’t Wait to Replace Your Siding

Take a look at this home that was way overdue for new siding. Don't let your home end up like this. Stop putting off that siding replacement project. Call in Jacob's Ladder to keep your home in its best condition and looking great! Visit Jacob's Ladder siding replacement for more information.

Video Of The Week: Site Safety

This week's video demonstrates the importance of site safety and how one wrong move can lead to dangerous consequences. At  Jacob's Ladder we make safety a top priority and train our crew on proper site safety techniques each week. Hire the professionals who get the job done right and safely! Visit Jacob's Ladder for more information.

Video of the Week: DIY Fails

We all know that DIY is a new trend that is definitely here to stay, but sometimes homeowners can bite off more than they can chew, leading to some hilarious mishaps. Hire the right professionals for your home improvement needs. Jacob's Ladder specializes in siding replacement, windows, interior and exterior painting, and roof replacement. And at JLC, … Continue reading Video of the Week: DIY Fails

Top Questions to Ask Your Contractor

You need to make sure that any contractor you do business with has proven themselves in the past, and will be there if you need them in the future. Don’t just ASK the contractor if they are stable; look for tangible proof of longevity and financial stability by asking these questions below. How long have … Continue reading Top Questions to Ask Your Contractor