A Word from the Office: Why Jacob’s Ladder?

As the Office Manager of Jacob’s Ladder, I often get asked by new clients, “how big is your company?” I proudly answer that we are a small business. This receives some worry because some believe that might mean we can’t handle the job. But this is certainly not the case. While we are not a big industrial construction company, we are definitely one of the most efficient and trustworthy. No job is too big. We are not exclusively residential; we frequently handle large commercial projects, like those at The University of Richmond and Carytown Crossing here in Richmond.

We employ wonderful, professional people, that take pride in their work and love what they do. It is always a pleasure to hear and see our customers’ satisfaction after we complete a job at their home or business. Jacob’s Ladder follows an Articles of Faith, which combines our promises of excellent customer service, professionalism, and blue-thumbs-up-icon.svg.hi.pngefficiency into one company standard.

Overall, I am proud to work for this company; it is much more than a job to me. I believe in the people I work with and admire their dedication and personable qualities. I may be a little bias because the boss writes my checks, but Jacob’s Ladder’s reputation speaks for its self through customer reviews, consistent client referrals, and positive verbal feedback.


This is what makes Jacob’s Ladder the only place for exterior home remodeling. 



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