Last Minute DIY Halloween Decorations

Halloween is right around the corner. You might have even scheduled your festivities for this weekend. Some people get prepared for the spooky holiday months in advance with carefully curated creepy decorations, party plans, and candy packaging ideas. 

But if you’re like me, then Halloween may have snuck up and scared (I mean startled) you. Now that it is so close to pouncing on us, what are we to do? Curl up in a ball? Close our eyes and hope we’re dreaming? Hide under the covers for protection?


We must use our wit, scissors, glue, and dollar store finds to create some terrifyingly easy last minute Halloween decorations guaranteed to entice some wandering trick-or-treaters to your front door. 

I have collected a few of my favorite DIY Haloween projects that you can complete with little spare time and money required. Check them out below. And feel free to comment and share your own. 





Trash Bag Spider Web

Want to creep up your home for that last minute party you got concerned into throwing? This Spider Lair can be easily created using black trash bags. 

Get the Tutorial at How About Orange






Tissue Paper Pumpkin Party Favors

Orange tissue paper and green tape are transformed into cute pumpkins that hold sweet treats inside.

Get the Tutorial at One Little Project









Pumpkin Balloon Piñata

Fill orange balloons with candy and add a spooky or funny face to make a neat jack-o-lantern trick-or-treaters will be ready to break open. 

Get the Tutorial at The Gunny Sack









Monster Door Decor

Who doesn’t love a good monster? This easy outdoor decoration only uses googly eyes, felt, glitter, and your imagination.

Get the Tutorial at The Paper Mama







Ghost Lollipops

Turn ordinary lollipops into Boo-pops with white fabric and string. Don;t worry, these treats are definitely friendly.

Get the Tutorial at A Beautiful Mess








Mummy Mason Jars

Have some old mason jars or glasses hiding in your cabinets? Resurrect them from their tombs with a little gauze, googly eyes, and tea light candles.

Get the Tutorial at Hi Sugarplum!





I hope these last-minute DIY projects gave you some courage to tackle Halloween!

Don’t forget to share your own Halloween decoration ideas and tips. 

REMEMBER: There’s strength in numbers



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